13 wrz 2009

uptown girls.

you know everyone has got some movies, or at least one, which you can see over and over again. Like a zillion times a year. This is one of my fav'es. Maybe it's not extremly ambitious, with a two potenial sides, and three not-so-well-knowing meanings, but it makes me feel better when I want to be out of this world, even for a sec. Maybe I'm childish but in my opinion you can find some kind of magic in this film.

'every story has got an end. But in a real life every end is just a new beginning'

11 wrz 2009

essen essen, meine freunde !

I am begining to feel kind of depressed because of those autumn, school, and kind of others stuffs. Even eating or drinking some of nice, tasty and even good looking meals doesn't help me at all. But seeing friends, laughing and chilling is always a good way, and for today is the only way I know, so all I can do is use it ;) weekend!