29 mar 2011


these week was so great! Whole loads of fun!
We've been on słodowa island opening. For those of you who don't live in wrocław, słodowa island is a unique island, especially for students, you're going there to play some games, drink beer, play guitar, smoke shisha, etc etc.
What's more, I ate some pancakes with my new friend, got some flowers, and spend weekend at home with my friends on watching stupid movies, and talking about life (I mean guys) and stuff.

full of positive energy, sending lots of love

17 mar 2011

spring is comin'!

 my morning porridge with blackberries

as this awful, long and cold winter finally comes to an end I begin to feel more alive. 
Eat healthier, breath deeper, wear lighter, think more optimistic, and dress to impress!
what's more?
I can write about huge new-term-resolutions, but what's the point in lying you guys? so I will just say:

9 mar 2011

these few things

I promised that I'll show you some of my birthday presents, so here you've got them. 
Love all of these things, and once again I'm thanking my friends a lot <3

2 mar 2011

spring is comin'!

bersha blouse, zara pants, zara wedges, zara sunglasses, parfois ring
mango jeans, veromoda shirt, zara jacket, newlook cap, promod boots, burberry london girl